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Appliance Recycling in Schertz, TX | We Heart Junk

Junk Problems?
Have any junk that you have been dying to get rid of? At We Heart Junk, we specialize in appliance recycling in Schertz, TX. Not only will our friendly employees pick up your appliances at your curbside but they will also try to recycle or recycle your junk items. Any item that can be kept out of landfills and into fixer-upper hands it’s a satisfaction for us and more importantly the planet. We are redefining the way appliance recycling in Schertz, TX is done. Our time and cost-effective method is sure to have your satisfaction guaranteed.

Best Appliance Recyclers
We are considered to be the best appliance recycling in Schertz, TX. We Heart Junk employees can remove any trash, junk, and garbage that one can imagine. We won’t recycle things like paint, hazardous chemicals and junk cars, other than that we can remove just about anything. Visit our website to browse the types of junk removal services that we provide. You know you can count on us to be the best local appliance recycling in Schertz, TX. Our reputation as a strong and reliable junk removal company continues to grow strong with every customer we encounter!

Instantly Haul Your Junk Away
Appliance recycling in Schertz, TX has never been so easy! We Heart Junk can instantly haul your junk away after a simple phone call for an estimate or a visit to our page for an immediate appointment. If you need your space decluttered instead of hauling them to a ‘community dumpster’ try appliance recycling in Schertz, TX with We Heart Junk. Our on-demand junk removal service is simply unbeatable. Simply schedule an estimate over the phone and we will recycle, donate or dispose of your junk.

Convenient Junk Haulers
We make appliance recycling in Schertz, TX easy for our customers. It is our priority to provide the best, most reliable service to each customer we encounter. We ensure that there is clear communication throughout the whole process so that way you are well informed as a customer. If you are in the process of moving or simply clearing out an area for a newfound space appliance recycling in Schertz, TX with We Heart Junk is the answer to all your problems.

Other Junk

Leaf Removal
Dumpster Alternative
Disaster and Storm Cleanup

We Don’t Take:

Chemicals, solvents, oils
Oil drums (unless empty and top & bottom cut out)
Oil tanks
Junk cars

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