How to remove a Hot Tub or Spa

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How to remove a Hot Tub or Spa

How to remove a hot tub or spa???

Have you ever wondered how to remove a hot tub or spa?  Do you have an old hot tub or spa from the 1970′s sitting in your backyard, rusted and dilapidated and don’t know to get rid of it?   Chances are when its all said and done you will want to hire a junk removal company like We Heart Junk.  The average hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi is extremely heavy.  Even if you manage to get it out of the house or porch, you can’t just leave it on the curb for the waste removal service to pick up.

The average hot tub weighs around 500 to 800 lbs, so chances are that you and your family are not going to be able to just pick it up and load it into the back of a pickup.  You have two options, use lots of man power (4 people) and dollies, or disassemble the hot tub all together.  A hot tub or spa consists of mostly wood, molded foam, and hard plastic.  To disassemble and remove your hot tub you will need to first disconnect all of the electrical cords from the wall.  Then you will need to unhook the water hoses from the water supply.  Once the hot tub or spa is unhooked, its time to get your wrenches out to pull out the motor and the pump.

Now that you have your hoses unhooked and your motor and pump disconnected, its time to decide if you and a team of laborers are going to carry the hot tub or spa out of the house, or if you are going to cut it into manageable pieces.  If you go the team of laborers route, just have them lift up one end of the hot tub, place a dolly under it, then lift the other end and place another dolly under that end.  They will have to lift the hot tub onto it’s side to move it through any hallways or doorways.

If you decide to your hot tub into pieces, you’ll need a reciprocating saw with at least a 16″ all purpose blade.  Put on your safety glasses and cut away.  A 4 person hot tub will need to be cut into at least 4 pieces to be manageable for 2 people.

Or if you want to avoid all of this back breaking work and stress, just call We Heart Junk at 855-HEART-55 and we’ll send a uniformed team out to your home to take care of your hot tub removal needs.  We will disassemble your hot tub and spa, load it up, and responsibly dispose of it in a matter of minutes.

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