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If you think the trash company in San Antonio TX will just haul off your large items, you may have another thing coming.  Many people think that their regular trash removal service will take couches, or a TV, mattresses, or appliances.  Often the large trash items that get left on the curb stay there for weeks.  People assume that because they pay the trash company everything should be taken.  But this is not the case.  For large trash pickup you need to Call We Heart Junk, your professional large trash removal service in San Antonio TX.

Your trash company is often not equipped to take large trash because these items are difficult to dispose-of and require special methods.  Things like appliances, refrigerators, computers, and stereos have chemicals and other parts that need to be processed responsibly.  Most trash hauling services are not equipped to do this.  When they do have the ability to handle large trash they often charge you an extra fee.

New legislation gets passed every day regarding proper methods of the disposal of trash.  Professional junk haulers like We Heart Junk work every day with recyclers, donation centers, and landfills to stay current with waste disposal regulations.  We Heart Junk also believes we have a responsibility to our community to properly recycle and dispose of large trash. Another benefit to our relationship with recycling centers and landfills is that we get great rates, which is reflected in the prices the customer sees.

In addition to using proper large trash pickup and disposal methods, another advantage is that with We Heart Junk, your large trash won’t be sitting on your curb for weeks at a time. You don’t even have to take it out to the curb.  Leave your large trash and bulky items where they sit in your home, and We Heart Junk willpick it up and haul it away.  Our scheduling is extremely flexible, and we can usually get to your trash withing one business day.  Now your neighbors won’t have to stare at your junk and your home owners association won’t be sending you any nasty letters.

Any television screens or monitors must me disposed of properly.  Your trash company won’t take a television.  Televisions and computer monitors need to  be recycled.  Very old televisions have mercury in them and are poisonous.  Newer versions contain chemicals that harm the environment.  Call We Heart Junk for a free estimate and don’t worry about any of these things!

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