Refrigerator Removal in Schertz, TX

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Refrigerator Removal
Refrigerator Removal in Schertz, TX

Refrigerators are essential to all modern homes. You probably use yours every day. Like any sort of home appliance however, they get old and break after enough years go by. When this happens, you will probably start looking into getting a new one. You can’t get a new fridge unless your old one is removed however.

Getting rid of a fridge is tough work. They are extremely heavy and near impossible to transport by yourself. Even if you have the means to move it, trash pick up services won’t take it. So how exactly do you get rid of your fridge? Just give We Heart Junk a call and ask about refrigerator removal in Schertz, TX!

At We Heart Junk we have a team of people ready for your refrigerator removal in Schertz, TX. We have the tools and manpower necessary to take the fridge out of your home or business with ease. We also have heavy duty trucks on hand so we can haul your fridge away after we remove it. If it is still usable, we will donate it to a charity so it goes to someone in need. If not, we will make sure it gets disposed of in a clean and responsible way. Our team work fast and efficiently so we will have the job completed before you know it!

We Heart Junk is a locally owned and operated business that proudly serves San Antonio and its surrounding areas, including Schertz. We are changing the game when it comes to refrigerator in Schertz, TX due to our low prices and exceptional service. If you are interested in having us take care of your refrigerator removal in Schertz, TX, give us a call! We can give you a free estimate before we start working so you know exactly how much the job will cost. Give us a call today and say goodbye to your old fridge!

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